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With more than 10 years of experience, City Healthcare Resources has earned a reputation in the homecare industry for dedication to customer service and for the quality of its healthcare professionals.
It is engrained in the City culture to create successful relationships with employees, patients, and referral sources by identifying and serving the needs of others. This is evident in City’s ongoing efforts to assess and refine all management, clinical, and support processes.
A relationship with City represents a partnership with a dedicated company that’s committed to making healthcare more responsive and effective every day.
With Number of office locations in Ontario, City has experience providing homecare services for adult, senior, and pediatric patients with a variety of conditions and needs.
City’s home health team includes skilled nurses, therapists, Personal Support workers (PSWs), and home health aides (HHAs). We are dedicated to providing quality care to our Client/Patients and do so with a strong commitment to compliance.
We invite you to learn more about City and why we are a dependable provider of homecare Staff replacement services:
Home Safety
Maintaining a safe home environment is essential to the delivery of quality homecare. As part of City’s commitment to patient safety and health, caregivers are required to adhere to an established home safety policy, perform a comprehensive safety review of the patient’s home at the onset of services, and provide instruction to patients and family members on proper safety procedures and the operation of medical equipment.
Home safety reviews and instruction include: fire safety, electrical safety, environmental and mobility safety, bathroom safety, and information regarding the safe and effective use of medications. During home visits, caregivers assess the patient and family’s compliance with home safety and re-instruct when safety issues arise.

Commitment to Employee Quality

City knows that delivering quality patient care is built upon the skill, experience, and dedication of its employees and caregivers. 
Recruitment & Evaluations

City is committed to hiring caregivers that focus on patient care and service. All new employees are required to take knowledge-based, written tests and complete competency skills assessments to verify that they possess the skills necessary to provide high quality patient care.

As a member of the City team, all caregivers are subject to receive routine evaluations from the time they begin working with a new Client/Patient and at regular intervals thereafter. For example, when a Client/Patient receives a new caregiver, an evaluation helps to determine the best-possible fit between caregiver and patient. Furthermore, caregivers are subject to annual, overall competency evaluations in the patients’ home to confirm that caregivers are not only providing the clinical care patients require, but are meeting expectations for the overall level of service delivered.

Clinical Development Centers
The patients that City serves deserve the quality service that only an organization dedicated to the education and training of its people can provide. City provides orientation, compliance, clinical, and operations training for its workforce through a variety of settings; small group or one-on-one instruction followed by written competency examinations, instructor led classroom training, and online, Web based courses.
City’s commitment to its employees’ professional and personal development is evident by the range of courses made available. Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Change Management and a comprehensive suite of courses dedicated to clinical development headline an entire catalog designed to complement the technical, position-based training provided to each individual. Enhanced clinical education in patient assessment, OASIS assessment, patient safety, and specific clinical protocols are the core clinical education areas for 2010.

City is enhancing its regional education structure through the addition of new managers for clinical affairs and operations as well as new regional clinical educators to facilitate training and education programs in City offices.

City is
investing in healthcare technology to improve clinical delivery, streamline and improve company operations, services, employee training programs, and performance improvement initiatives.

The City team looks beyond standard healthcare and works to specifically tailor services for each patient.

City has
enhanced various programs
which allow for continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality services that are delivered. 



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