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Patient-Centered Care
City knows that quality services influence far more than the physical health of patients, it contributes directly to their quality of life. With this in mind, the City team looks beyond standard healthcare and works to specifically tailor services for each patient.
Continuity of Care
In homecare, more than any other healthcare situation, a strong relationship between patient and caregiver is vital to success. With this in mind, City strives to carefully match caregivers with patients so that the specific needs of each patient align with the expertise, experience, and availability of their caregivers. The continuity of care City provides is particularly important. It allows caregivers to become familiar with a patient’s normal mood and status so that changes in behavior or health can more easily be detected over time. In addition to improving the quality of care provided, this consistency helps assure patients that they are being cared for by a person they know and trust.
One of the main reasons patients choose homecare over other available options is the desire to maintain their independence while still receiving the care and assistance they need. City works to provide in-home care to preserve patient comfort and independence. City gives patients a level of control and flexibility in their care they would not receive in many other settings. To this end, members of the City team work with patients and family members to create plans of care that provide for patient safety and effective outcomes while minimizing changes in daily routine.

Patient participation in care is important. For this reason, City’s dedicated patient care representatives establish and build relationships and encourage communication so that patient needs can be met. City strives to make its representatives available 24/7 to answer questions, schedule visits, respond to patient requests, and facilitate care.
The presence of a City caregiver can provide a level of comfort to patients and their families, relieving the stress and worry surrounding daily assistance, treatment, and skilled home health care. City also provides ancillary therapy to maintain and improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of patients.
Comprehensive Approach
In keeping with a focus on overall quality of life, City’s clinical supervisors also serve as case managers, assessing the overall health and wellness of patients in addition to their specific health needs. In this way, City can focus on the details of patient care while remaining committed to the mental, emotional, and social needs of the patient.
City strives to promote community resources to assist patients in maintaining independence, quality of life, as well as social and environmental needs. City’s community outreach programs promote health and wellness by keeping people healthy and independent in the community. City offers a comprehensive wellness program to increase accessibility to healthcare through community outreach programs.

City is committed to maintaining and improving upon the
quality of care provided.

City is
investing in healthcare technology to improve clinical delivery, streamline and improve company operations, services, employee training programs, and performance initiatives.

City has
enhanced various programs which allow for cotinuous monitoring and improvement of the quality services that are delivered.


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