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With more than 10years experience City Healthcare Resources has a proven track record of quality services.


Why choose City Healthcare Companion Services for your homecare needs? Read first-hand what our valued clients are saying about the companion and caregiving services City has to offer.
"Working for City has been rewarding. I help fill a growing need and in return I get a real satisfaction in knowing that I make a difference in the lives of others. Challenging and always rewarding, reaching out to people in need…that’s what it’s all about." 

— Leslie E.
Orillia, ON 

"I have been disabled for 14 years. I have used many different agencies for the help that I need for housework, laundry, shopping, etc. City Companion Services is the best! They work very hard to make sure I get the good service that I need from their workers. And, I’ve never been “stranded” without help, which was always a problem I incurred with other agencies. Thanks City!" 

— Malinda B.
Midland, ON

"I am extremely happy with the services that City Companion Services has provided me. My caregiver is dependable, trustworthy, and above all, reliable. Overall, I am 100% satisfied...job well done City!" 

— Larry M.
Angus, ON

"I have found that [City] has tried very, very hard to fulfill every request I’ve made and I’m happy with the services that I’m getting." 

— Gaillard L.
Barrie, ON 

"My Companion is an outstanding help in my home. She keeps everything clean and organized, is reliable, and genuinely concerned with my well-being." 

— Mildred B.
Bradford, ON 

"I am satisfied with the work City provides. I like my Companion very much and hope to have her for a long time. She does her work really well and helps us all." 

— Clara N.
Keswick, ON 

"I want you to know how very happy I have been with my Companion. She is punctual, fast, efficient, and very personable. She has a way of making a person feel at ease and comfortable with her in the home. It has been a great pleasure having her in my home every week." 

— Oris J.
Bracebridge, ON 


"Of all of the caregivers we have employed, [our Companion] is the best. She performs all of her duties with a willing heart and an endearing sense of humor. Her work is truly a ministry for us. We recommend City Companion services for helping us meet our needs and providing such a qualified person." 

— Harold J.
Toronto, ON

"[Our Companion] is dedicated to caring for the disabled. We are delighted with her thoughtful and affectionate nature. She is very dedicated to her clients and goes out of her way to keep them clean, happy, and as active as possible!" 

— Myrtle D.

Mississauga, ON
My son and his Caregiver get along perfectly. He mentions her name when she is not around and looks forward to her visits. We attempted to arrange for [his Caregiver] to take care of our other younger child during her visits with my son. This was short lived since my son insisted on his own personal time and attention from [his Caregiver]. I am very glad City was able to connect us with such an amazing Caregiver." 

— Erin W.
Penetang, ON

"I am very grateful to have been introduced to City Healthcare Resources. It has been a great benefit to each and every member of my family. I am now able to go to dinner with my husband and feel safe and secure leaving my child at home.  Thank you again for all of the fine individuals I have met through City. I also want to thank all of your staff for their kind and helpful ways, answering any and all questions that I have. I have told so many others of your great services. Keep up the good work." 

— Dee H.
Orangeville, ON 

"We contacted City to give us help and care in our home. They supplied two of the nicest, most efficient, and caring individuals anyone could ask for. They have done everything - checking and putting out prescription medications, cooking, cleaning, and assisting in the shower (and anything else we require). We could not ask for better help!" 

— Carol A.

"[Our Companion] would make an excellent resource for others who may need help with ‘people skills.’ My sister can be very steadfast in her refusal to do certain things and I was very impressed at how deftly [our Companion] handled a difficult situation. She won my sister over. Thank you again for having hired and trained an exceptional employee." 

— Martha G.
Port Hope, ON

"My Companion is an outstanding help in my home; she keeps everything meticulously clean and organized. She has become a friend and even baked me a cake for my birthday. She is reliable and genuinely concerned with my well-being. I am glad that City Companion Services was able to find me a perfect match." 

— Bernard B.
Orillia, ON

"My caregiver lets her heart direct her hands. She is the kindest, most understanding soul I’ve ever met. She brings sunshine into my life. City Companion Services is honest, dependable, loving, compassionate, and faithful." 

— Patricia K
Etobicoke, ON 

"When choosing a homecare provider, I wanted to pick one that I could trust. City Companion Services has fulfilled that trust by staffing honest, quality workers. In addition, the City staff provided gifts for me during the holiday season, which I thought was a very kind gesture! I would recommend City Companion Services to anyone searching for the best homecare provider." 

— Jean L.
King City, ON 

"City provides very efficient and hard workers. It is always nice to have someone who cares about me. They are very attentive, understanding, and willing." 

— Gladys F.
Toronto, ON 

"My Companion is very caring. She is always willing to do anything I ask her. I feel very lucky to have chosen a wonderful company like City." 

— Patricia H.
Barrie, ON

"When I initially began searching for an in-home companion service, I asked my insurance provider for recommendations. Along with City Companion Services, I called another homecare agency. Unlike City, this agency requested that I take care of all of the arrangements with the insurance provider and the caregiver. City took care of every aspect of the initial set-up and has consistently followed through with providing excellent service. I am an elderly woman and it has been difficult to get around my house and take care of normal daily activities. With City and my beloved caregiver, I am able to live comfortably and freely within my own home." 
— Francis B.


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