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City Healthcare Resources offers a full line of comprehensive wellness services to senior living facilities. Our trained healthcare professionals provide medical, nursing, counseling, health promotion and education programs. In addition to providing wellness programs, City’s flu vaccine program helps protect seniors from influenza each year.

Protect the Health of Your Senior Residents

As seniors grow older, the importance of preventive wellness services and immunizations increases. Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other senior environments can provide their residents access to the best services available through a partnership with City Healthcare Resources. Your facility can host wellness programs that are hassle-free for your staff, while providing this very important service to your residents.

Our turn-key programs are designed to operate efficiently while remaining hassle-free for your staff. Partnering with City allows your organization to offer important wellness services without compromising daily operations. Your nurses can focus on your residents’ needs while City handles the rest.

We can design a program to meet the needs of your organization, regardless of how unique or complex. Working with City means never having to secure and monitor vaccine supply, supervise and qualify additional clinical staff, dispose of medical waste, maintain appropriate liability insurance, or comply with all appropriate federal and state regulations for your clinic. City will coordinate all of these details, ensuring complete success. In addition to immunizations, City offers health screenings and educational seminars as further preventive measures. Through our flexible payment options, City makes getting wellness services easy for your residents.

  • Abundance of qualified staff to cover all clinic locations
  • No subcontracting (All assigned staff members are City employees.)
  • Vaccine management (We will secure, store, and remove excess inventory.)
  • Medical waste removal
  • Billing operations (We bill Medicare and a growing number of
    OHIP members.)
  • Emphasis on quality and customer service
  • Customized reporting options

To learn more about how your residents can benefit from City’s wellness programs, contact us. "We are looking forward to your decision to join our community—you’ll be glad you did!" 



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